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We provide excellent services operating 24-hours a day, 365 days a year based on promptness, reliability and safety guidelines. We cater all your needs for any event in town or out of town, with our service we will make sure to get you there well in time. We give prompt attention to our clients needs and serve them in the best possible way. By implementing technology such as our computerized dispatch and gps tracker, we surpass expectations by reducing wait times and dispatching taxis to customers with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you need a Taxi to Toronto Airport or somewhere downtown we'll get you there quickly and safely. With our drivers experience and training comes an intuitive sense of customer service. Our drivers are always willing to lend a hand. Whether that means loading and unloading groceries, helping with luggage, providing extra care for a senior our helpful drivers do it all. For any taxi company the most important aspect of their day to day business is to quickly and efficiently dispatch taxis. In order to achieve this goal a significant investment has been made to provide our customers with the fastest and most reliable dispatch system available on the market. With our state of the art dispatch system it can take less than 5 SECONDS to assign a trip to the closest available taxi to the customer’s address. The old radio voice dispatch system cannot even compare to the speed of our system. Not only is the speed of our system impressive, we have the ability to track every taxi in our fleet in real time. We always know where any taxi is in an instant. Our mapping system tracks each taxi individually and every detail of the taxi’s activity is logged.


Our sedans comfortably carry up to four passengers with trunk storage for parcels and luggage, while our minivans carry up to six passengers with additional storage room. Additional charges may apply for minivan requests.
Our wheelchair accessible vehicle is specially equipped to provide safe wheelchair access at no additional charge. Our drivers have special training and are always available to help should additional assistance be required. Reservations must be made 3 days in advance.
Use our sedans and minivans to deliver packages instantly, bypassing a courier warehouse and additional stops. Our cars are already on the road and can be quickly dispatched to your pick up point with very competitive rates. Skip the middleman and ship in a Black Cab !
We're equipped to get you and your luggage to any airport with fast, reliable and affordable transportation, without having to book days ahead. And if you're concerned about fitting your luggage, we'll dispatch a van to make you more comfortable.
We'll automatically book recurring appointments in our dispatch calendar so you don't have to be inconvenienced by making the same call over and over again. It's an easy way to plan your day, plus you'll receive reliable, on-time service - every time.

Open a corporate account today for fast, simple, cost-efficient and value added service for your employees, guests and clients. So put AAA Black Cab at your disposal with our efficient voucher system.


TEL: (905)-636-0555

T.FREE: 1-855-636-0555

FAX: 1-866-616-0555

EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Black Cab is always hiring drivers call us if you would like to join the team.


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